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Term of Use


On this Web site (hereinafter referred to as the “site”), JAYHOO makes available information and documents that are subject to the terms and conditions in this document (hereinafter referred to as the “terms and conditions for use”). By accessing this site, you agree to its terms and conditions for use.


JAYHOO reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions for use at its discretion. Your use of this site shall fall under the most recent version of the terms and conditions for use published on the site at the time of use. As well, when using specific documents on this site, you will be subject to potential guidelines or rules published on the site that apply to these documents, which may contain additional terms and conditions to these terms and conditions of use.


All guidelines and rules have been included hereafter for reference purposes in the terms and conditions of use. Failure to respect one or more of the terms and conditions for use automatically terminates your authorization for using this site, and you will then be required to immediately destroy any downloaded or printed material taken from this site.




The documents and information found on this site are protected by copyright and/or intellectual property laws. Any unauthorized use of these documents or this information may be a breach of these laws. Unless otherwise expressly indicated in this document, JAYHOO and its suppliers do not grant you any express or tacit right on patents, copyrights, brands or trade secrets related to the content of this site.


Except where otherwise expressly provided, none of the information and documents on this site may be reproduced in any form or means whatsoever without the prior written consent of JAYHOO.


Downloading Documents from this Site


Unless otherwise indicated at any other place on this site, you are authorized to consult, download and print the documents and information available on this site under the following conditions:


1. The documents can only be used for personal purposes, for information, for internal use and not for profit.

2. The documents and information cannot be modified in any way whatsoever.

3. The documents and information on the site cannot be distributed.

4. In no case shall you delete the copyright or any other indications of ownership found in the documents or information.


JAYHOO reserves the right to remove authorization to consult, download or print the documents and information on this site at any time. Any use of the aforementioned rights must cease immediately upon written notice from JAYHOO.


The rights that you have been granted constitute a license and not a transfer of ownership.


The aforementioned rights regarding the consultation, downloading and printing of documents and information found on the site do not apply to the site design or layout.


The items on this site are protected by the copyright laws in effect. They cannot be reproduced or imitated in full or in part.


General Terms and Conditions


This site is controlled by the offices of JAYHOO in China. By visiting this site, you accept that all issues related to your access to the site and its use are governed by the statutes and laws of this country.




The trademarks and logos on this site are the property of JAYHOO. Using these trademarks without the prior written consent of the trademark/brand owner is strictly prohibited. JAYHOO and the JAYHOO logo are trademarks of JAYHOO.